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16th Annual Splash

My Journey for 9/11Now through November 15, in conjunction with St. Catherine of Bologna Photo, Art and Poetry Exhibitions curators, presents the photographs of George Martin - A Walk Across America.  Also, we invite all to attend George's reception, talk and book signing on November 15 from 1:00-3:00 pm.

Most of us know George Martin as No. 75 of the New York Football Giants, the star defensive end of the 1970s and '80s, with 96 quarterback sacks, the touchdown record for a defensive lineman, a Super Bowl win and incredible interception that Coach Bill Parcells called the greatest football play he has ever seen.

George is an NFL legend, but he's also so much more. Son of a sharecropper who grew up dirt poor in the American South, through talent and determination, family and faith, George Martin became a true leader on the field and off, a man whose relentless positive energy and ability to inspire know no bounds.

He has championed NFL colleagues as their union president, advocated for retired players with chronic injuries, and created a non-profit to help young people find their way to responsible adulthood through athletics and mentoring.

Heeding his own inspiration, George one day decided to walk across America, the country he loves and credits with giving him the opportunity to succeed, dedicating his Journey to the rescue and recovery workers who helped American stand tall after 9/11, and raising millions of dollars for their medical care. His book Just Around the Bend is the remarkable story of a man, a life and a special Journey.

His exhibit at the Ringwood Public Library chronicles that journey in photographs. Don't miss this opportunity to see these photos, and on November 15th, meet the man and hear his story.

2009-2014 St Catherine's Patron of the Arts Association