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Ringwood Library News
The Library, in conjunction with St. Catherine of Bologna Photo, Art and Poetry Exhibitions curators, presents the works of Judith Schreiber, from October 19th till December 1st.
Judith Schreiber Artwork

Judith Schreiber has been painting every night for the last fifty years. She holds a BFA in painting and an MA in sculpture. Her exhibits include one person shows at the Paterson museum and numerous libraries in New York and New Jersey as well as group shows at the Cork gallery, Lincoln Center, AIR Gallery, West Side artists in New York.

Special showings include the CBS documentary on working people, Andy Rooney Goes to Work, which featured her works, and New Jersey public television’s Women in the Arts. Judith’s influences include Mexican muralists and African Art.

The three groups of paintings on display at the Library are The Subway Series, a group of sculptural painting with figures in a subway setting; The Heroine Series, depicting women of note internationally and locally; and The Extinction Series, depicting over 24 animals on the verge of extinction.

These very special works will hang on the main gallery wall as well as the lower level hall and community room galleries until December 1st.


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