St. Catherine of Bologna

Adult Poetry

First Place

Il Mare

by Alicia Grana

Second Place

The Kisses of an Angel

by Alicia Grana

Third Place

To My Wife on Christmas Day (and Every Day)

by James Keane

Honorable Mention


by Elizabeth Marchitti

 Honorable Mention Your Gray-Blue Eyes by Nicole Russo
 Honorable Mention Red Tail Hawks by John Myshkoff
Spiritual Award

Between the Palms and the Cross

by Maude Carolan Pych

Judges Choice

A Flame in my Heart

by Nicole Russo

It is Possible

by Barbara Hall

Ballad of Hazel and Chuck

by Karen Lee Ramos
Elementary School - Honorable Mention

I Wish

by Sofia Mason


by Aiden Raudenbush
High School - Honorable Mention

No Way Out

by Sincere T

Normal But Abnormal

by Sincere T

He Who Guides

by Josephine Joyil


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