St. Catherine of Bologna
  • Photography - Best in ShowZebras by Jacob Balwas
  • High School Judges Choice - Judge David GardinerMembranous Vista by Zach Miller
  • Student (K-8) Judges Choice - Judge David GardinerLighthouse Sunset by Emily Miller
  • Student (K-8) Judges Choice - Judge Arnie CasamentiBarbed Wire Along the Irish Countryside by Nora McDonagh
  • Student (K-8) Judges Choice - Judge Ken CarrollEpcot by Delia Casamenti
  • Photography-Architecture - First Place and Judges Choice AwardManhattan Dusk by Mark Rogers
  • Photography-Architecture Second PlaceSalinas Mission by Dana Damiani
  • Photography-Architecture Third PlaceQuantum by Eduardo Moldoveanu
  • Photography-Architecture Honorable MentionShunned by Gina Conklin
  • Photography-Architecture Honorable MentionCloisters by Jacek Kowalsk
  • Photography-Architecture Honorable MentionThis Old Barn by David J. Nocera
  • Photography-Digitally Altered - First Place and Judges Choice AwardWhat's Behind Your Mask? by Carl Stoveland
  • Photography-Digitally Altered Second PlaceGlobal Repair by Gail Hawthorne
  • Photography-Digitally Altered Third PlaceMaidens in the Mist by Eleanor Bortnick
  • Photography-Digitally Altered Honorable MentionMagical Forest by William Giordano
  • Photography-Digitally Altered Honorable MentionWaiting For Ghosts: Eastern State Penitentiary by Keli Dougherty
  • Photography-High School First PlaceThe Evolution of Thought by Jennifer Slosarik
  • Photography-High School Second Place and Judges Choice AwardThe Fear Inside by Jennifer Slosarik
  • Photography-High School Third Place and Judges Choice AwardReeling in the Sun by Aine Tucker
  • Photography-High School Honorable MentionBelle by Brooke Dykstra
  • Photography-High School Honorable MentionSkylands by Brooke Dykstra
  • Photography-High School Honorable MentionRigid Distortion by Zach Miller
  • Photography-Macro - First Place and Judges Choice AwardCatchin' the Rays by Joy Schmitz
  • Photography-Macro Second PlaceAnemone by Julie Scholz
  • Photography-Macro Third PlaceLEAF-FROG by Leesa Beckmann
  • Photography-Macro- Honorable MentionHummingbird Moth by Robert Bortolot
  • Photography-Macro- Honorable MentionCanon AE-1 with Museum Glass by Eugene Lagana
  • Photography-Nature/Landscape First PlaceThe Path by Michael Malandra
  • Photography-Nature/Landscape Second PlaceForsaken Castle by Wojciech Ujda
  • Photography-Nature/Landscape Third PlaceAutumn Valley by Wojciech Ujda
  • Photography-Nature/Landscape Honorable MentionA Silent Walk Down Winters Path by Judy Gorab
  • Photography-Nature/Landscape Honorable MentionMisty Morning Road by Mark Rogers
  • Photography-Nature/Landscape Honorable MentionRingwood State Park at Winter by Debra Wallace
  • Photography-People First PlaceSunset Romance by Wojciech Ujda
  • Photography-People Second PlaceDía de los Muertos Mujeres Hermosas by Bob Lynn
  • Photography-People Third PlaceMegan by Joe Fontana
  • Photography-People Honorable MentionPortrait of a Makeup Artist by Nicole Colella-Bagner
  • Photography-People Honorable MentionBritish Punk by Nicole Colella-Bagner
  • Photography-People Honorable MentionEvening Glow in Florence, Italy by Maggie Magee Molino
  • Photography-Still Life
First PlaceZebra Cocktails by Eleanor Bortnick
  • Photography-Still Life
Second PlaceGarlic by Jacek Kowalski
  • Photography-Still Life
Third PlaceMela by Mark Miller
  • Photography-Still Life
Honorable MentionXXOO by Nancy Grinkin
  • Photography-Still Life
Honorable MentionCape May Victorian Lady by Joy Schmitz
  • Photography-Still Life
Honorable MentionBeautiful Lillys by Gerald Swede
  • Photography-Wildlife/Animals First PlaceFormation by William Amos
  • Photography-Wildlife/Animals Second PlaceSwiper no swiping by Bob Lynn
  • Photography-Wildlife/Animals Third PlaceChipmunk by Mark Miller
  • Photography-Wildlife/Animals Honorable MentionStorm King by William Amos
  • Photography-Wildlife/Animals Honorable MentionBEE-HOLD by Leesa Beckman
  • Photography-Wildlife/Animals Honorable MentionThree's Company by Robert Bortolot
  • Photography-Wildlife/Animals Honorable MentionHugo Boy by Nichole Hanrahan
  • Photography-Wildlife/Animals Honorable MentionFeed Me by Chuck Lake

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